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World Wide Design Baseball


One piece unit shaped like a baseball that flips open. Has built-in lightning protection circuit.

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World Wide Design Basketball Telephone

Basketball Telephone

This one piece Basketball flips open to use. The Basketball has a Tone/Pulse switch, Mute, & Redial. A great gift for the basketball fan.

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Columbia Telecom Basketball, NBA, in Hand Telephone

Basketball, NBA, in Hand Telephone

This large size two-piece NBA basketball phone rests in a chrome hand. NBA-30.

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MicroTel Golf Bag Phone

Golf Bag Phone

Realistic movable golf clubs, dimpled golf ball buttons, LED call indicator, non-slip rubber feet.

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YouMax S&T, Inc. Golf Ball

Golf Ball

This one piece telephone is shaped like a golf ball that flips open.

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Polyconcept Mattel Magic 8 Ball

Mattel Magic 8 Ball

Just ask a question..., lift the phone and hear answers. There are over 24 possible answers, with an in-use light.

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World Wide Design Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball

One piece unit shaped like a tennis ball that flips open to use. A great gift for the tennis player.

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