Dog, Rex the Puppy Speakerphone

Price: $175.00

If you love puppies, this puppy, Rex, is for you! A real conversation piece. Rex makes every phone call an event! The lovable, Puppy phone lives not only for fun, he's a hard-working state-of-the-art speakerphone. And being a worldly-wise character, Rex is at home in the poshest boudoirs, in a playroom, a den, or in the boardroom of a multi-national conglomerate. Rex is irresistible. His mouth and eye movements are synchronized to a callers voice. His body is soft, plush and cuddly with big black eyes and nose, white fluffy fur, and a pink mouth. He barks too! The built-in speakerphone has a full-sized keypad. He also has a 2-way on/off switch, is fully modular and completely house trained! Made in Hong Kong.

  • Manufactured by: Teleconcepts

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