Bear, KC Bearifone II, Speakerphone

Price: $99.95
Sale: $59.97
Save: 40% off

If you love Teddy Bears, this is for you! A real conversation piece. He makes every phone call an event! Graham Norton, the famed talk show host, has made KC even more popular by using him to call folks on his television show! The lovable, K.C. Bearifone II lives not only for fun, he's a hard-working state-of-the-art speakerphone. And being a worldly-wise character, he's at home in the poshest boudoirs, in a playroom, a den, or in the boardroom of a multi-national conglomerate. K.C. is irresistible. his mouth and eye movements are synchronized to a callers voice. his body is soft, plush and cuddly. The built-in speakerphone has a full-sized keypad. He also has a 3 position ringer, is fully modular and completely house trained! He has been refurbished by being taken apart and having his fur washed. Made in Hong Kong.

  • Manufactured by: Teleconcepts

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